Panthera has been designed from the very beginning to be available with either electric motor, hybrid propulsion or petrol engine. The latter demands a decision for the type of fuel. Pipistrel decided for Mogas due to lower price and better availability than Avgas.
The first choice of engine was the Lycoming IO-390, but we received the news that it will never be certified for Mogas. Due to this decision we were forced to switch to IO-540-V, which is already certified also for the Mogas, even though the Panthera does not need a stronger engine. Since it doesn’t need this additional power, it will fly at very low power settings and consumption will consequentially stay more or less the same as with the IO-390 model, but the IO-540 260 hp option will provide a significant performance improvement.
Panthera 在设计之初就计划搭载3种不同动力系统,电动机系统、混合动力系统 和 燃油发动机系统。然而燃油发动机需对燃料的类型作出选定。对比后因价格较低,通用性比航空汽油更好,最终决定选择使用车用汽油。
在燃油发动机方面 我们的首选是LyGiang-IO-390,但我们收到消息称,LyGiang-IO-390无发获得车用汽油机认证。因此,我们被迫将它换成已获得车用汽油认证的IO-540-V。而实际上Panthera不需要这么强大的引擎。由于它不需要过多的额外功率,所以使用这款发动机后它将经常会在非常低的功率设置下飞行,并且耗油率基本与IO-390保持相同,当然使用IO-540 260 HP后性能也将会有显著提升。

Due to the change of engine types, Panthera project will experience a minor delay – at the end of 2014 the first series of the factory-assist quick-built kit experimental aircraft will be ready. We will continue to produce and offer the IO-390 engine model, but only as an experimental.

The sky has opened-up like never before and borders are falling every day. The need of traveling long distance, quickly and efficiently has never been greater. Yet, who likes to be stuck at a big airport, going through long lines of security check to board the aeroplane to the point of call? Imagine a fast yet extremely economic aeroplane, which can take you and your friends, colleagues or business partners anywhere you want, whenever you want. Imagine an aeroplane, that can fully take advantage of small, short-runway airfields that bring you closer than ever to your destination and open a whole new world of opportunities. An aeroplane, designed meticulously to keep you safe, comfortable, is quiet and friendly to the environment. An innovative aeroplane, which instantly catches attention. Your quiet, high performance bubble of safety, your personal time machine.
我们从来没有像今天这样迫切的寻找可以远距离、快速度、高效率出行的方法。敢问,谁又喜欢被困在一个硕大机场里呢?缓慢通过拥挤的安检, 穿过漫长而又冰冷的候机楼,好不容易来的登机口,却只看到一串红字“飞机未到本场 延误 请耐心等待”的信息。请和我一起闭上眼睛,想象有一架经济快捷的飞机,它可以随时随地把你和你的朋友、同事再或是商业伙伴带到任何你想去的地方。想象有这么一架飞机,它可以方便使用小型机场,使你比以往任何时候都更加接近你的目的地。请和我们开启一个全新的世界。 Panthera

Project story
Years ago, people said it is impossible to produce an aircraft light and streamlined enough to be safe and efficient. We did it.
People said it is impossible to fly around the World in a small aeroplane without assistance. We did it.
People also said it is impossible to produce an aircraft fast enough and efficient enough to be successful at the NASA Centennial Challenges. We went ahead and did what nobody did before – we won the NASA Challenges twice.
Now they say it is impossible to make a practical electric-powered aircraft presently. We did it already back in 2007 with the first electric two-seater in the World. Clearly we see and do things differently and have a pioneering vision.
We do not imitate, we innovate!
Now, with a quarter of a century of experience, we are presenting a fast, safe, quiet and comfortable aeroplane, which can use runways shorter than ever before and go the full distance with four people aboard. An aeroplane, which is ready for the future and consumes 40% less fuel while going faster, further. This is our idea how a modern, four seat CS/FAR-23 certified aeroplane should be like. Panthera is making it a reality.

Panthera is designed by applying the most modern design and construction techniques, on top of 25 years of knowledge, experience and excellence in building aircraft.
Panthera’s organic curves are a product of optimisation through advanced, in-house developed computer tools, where each detail is designed to ensure minimum drag and maximum efficiency. This allowed for the Panthera to be designed and flown in a virtual environment with great degree of accuracy even before the first component was produced.
Panthera运用了当今最现代的设计和制造技术,凭借我们25年的经验和卓越的飞机制造技术设计而成。 Panthera的机身曲线是由先进的、内部开发软件设计,每一个细节都是为了减小阻力实现最大效能。并且这种设计让Panthera在虚拟环境中做到了最大限度的高效精准飞行。

Using state of the art CAD tools, all the aircraft components were packaged into a minimum and therefore highly efficient shape, while keeping the passenger cabin spacious and comfortable. It is the first aircraft in its class to be designed to be comfortable for four passengers of any body type.
Realizing the complex shapes and structures of Panthera was possible only by using modern rapid prototyping/milling techniques. By directly translating the CAD models into complex shapes it is ensured that the predicted aerodynamic properties of the aircraft are realized, and that the structural integrity matches the results of the finite element predictions.

Attention to details is visible also when it comes to airframe components and equipment. The propeller and exhaust system, for example, are specially optimised to ensure minimum noise and maximum performance, reducing the aircraft’s environmental footprint and increasing cabin comfort. Panthera also features all electric systems for component actuation. Its titanium trailing-link undercarriage, flaps and trim are all electrically operated, resulting in low weight and maximum reliability by removing the need for complex and heavy hydraulic systems. All internal and external lighting is realised using state-of-the-art LED technology, providing for better clarity, recognition and feel.
若观察机身零部件和机载设备,可以说细节堪称完美。比如,螺旋桨和排气系统运用最优化的设计技术,以最大程度降低噪音,减少飞机对环境的影响并且增加机舱舒适度提升飞机性能。此外,Panthera还运用了电气驱动系统。它的钛拖尾连杆起落架、襟翼和俯仰配平均由电动驱动,摒弃了复杂的重型液压系统, 从而减轻了飞机重量,提升可靠性。并且飞机所有的内部和外部照明均使用最先进的LED技术,为旅客提供更高的清晰度、识别度和感知度。

Panthera achieves unprecedented efficiency through careful aerodynamic shaping, retractable titanium undercarriage, lightweight advanced composite structure, a tailor made propeller and a dedicated performance exhaust system. Efficiency does not only reflect itself in a low fuel consumption of just 10 gallons per hour at 200 kts, but is translated directly into more speed for the same power. No other four seat aircraft exists that flies this fast on the same engine! For the owner/operator this represents significantly lower operating costs and simplified maintenance.
Panthera 通过优美的气动外形、可伸缩钛金属起落架、轻型先进复合结构、特制的螺旋桨和特制的排气系统达到了前所未有的优良性能。这不仅体现在每小时200公里只耗10加仑的低油耗上。而且在同样引擎相同动力输出下,没有任何一架四座飞机飞得如此快的速度! 对于所有者或运营商来说,这就意味着Panthera具备更低的运营成本和更简化的维护流程。

The 1000 NM range is available with any payload, something which pilots of four seat aeroplanes have been wishing for. Robust design of the undercarriage and low overall weight allows for operations from short grass strips, taking you as close as possible to your desired destination. The engine is ready for the future, able to accept unleaded fuels and meeting the future environmental requirements. Hybrid and electric models further reduce the take-off noise footprint by taking advantage of the pure-electric take-off.

Powered by the modern, yet proven and reliable Lycoming IO-390 engine, Panthera is the statement of efficiency – cruising at 200 kts with a fuel consumption of only 10 gallons per hour instead of the »usual« 17 gallons of the competition. The powerful, yet lightweight engine can run on unleaded fuel and is ready for the future! With its titanium trailing-link retractable undercarriage, Pantera is designed to take advantage of short, grass runways and maximise the comfort of operation on longer, hard surfaces. Payload and range is never compromised – with four people aboard, Panthera will easily reach destinations more than 1000 NM away!
Panthera配备了先进可靠的Lycoming iot -390发动机,以每小时200公里的速度飞行只需耗油10加仑,而不是“17加仑”。为了满足未来对环境的标准,这款推力强大的引擎也可以使用无铅汽油。Pantera使用钛拖连可收放式起落架,设计的目的是在短草跑道或较坚硬的跑道表面上最大限度地提高舒适性。,Panthera可以很容易到达1000 海里之外的目的地,并且有效载荷和航程不会因4人同机而减少。
Panthera Hybrid
The 145 kW hybrid-electric powertrain, supported by the state-of-the-art battery system and range-extender generator unit, which is a special in-house development for the Panthera is a true revolution in aviation! The ability of noiseless, pure-electric take-offs and landings is coupled with uncompromised range characteristics. Short-field, powerful climb, extreme aeroefficiency and long-range, which are signature to Panthera are further enhanced with the revolutionary hybrid powertrain. Panthera Hybrid represents a quantum leap forward in thinking and will pave the way for the future of aviation!
145千瓦的混合动力总成,由最先进的电池系统和延程发电机组成,这是Panthera内部开发的结晶,是一场真正的航空革命!纯电动、无噪音的起降能力与长航程相结合。短跑道、强大的爬升、完美的航空效率和长航程,这些都是Panthera的巨大优势,随着革命性的混合动力传动系统进一步增强。Panthera Hybrid的巨大飞跃,为航空的未来铺平了道路!

Panthera Electro
This version of Panthera with its pure-electric 145 kW powertrain is a treat for the high-tech enthusiasts and those to whom the environment matters. The goal is to demonstrate the ability of covering 400 km (215 NM), quietly, efficiently, with absolutely zero emissions and for a fraction of cost. The platform is open and ready to accept future generations of battery technologies, which will increase the operating range. Electric flight is ready and Panthera Electro will hopefully shift the authorities to rightfully accept electric flight and enable clean, quiet and cheap flight.
纯电动Panthera配备145 kW的动力总成是专为高科技发烧友和环保人士设计的。我们的目标是让Panthera 具备400公里(215海里)的能力,并且安静、高效、零排放和低成本。此平台完全开发,随时接受未来新一代的电池技术,这将会大大提升飞行航程。纯电飞行已经准备就绪,而Panthera Electro将有望使当局能够正确地接受纯电飞行,并使飞行变得更干净、更安静和更经济。
Cabin comfort
One of the major design points of Panthera is the state-of-the art ergonomic cabin. All features provide superior comfort and usability for people of all sizes. Access is easy via three large gull-wing style doors, two in the front for pilot and co-pilot and one for the back row of seats. Pilot and co-pilot seats are adjustable, as are the rudder pedals. The central stick is ergonomic and provides the sporty feel signature to Panthera. Back seats are very wide and feature a 2+1 seating arrangement. There is a supersized – standard cabin luggage sized – cargo door, but the cargo can also be accessed from the cockpit during the flight! The interior is furnished with highest quality leather and LED lighting for exclusive feel and functionality. Climate is controlled thanks to the on-board air-condition with automatic ventilation (optional). It will keep you cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Also special is the solar-powered ventilation which keeps the cabin cool when Panthera is parked outside in the sun!
The instrument panel is designed to embrace the pilot and provide ultimate sensation and outside visibility. The view from the cockpit is completely redefined by a using a single pillar between the pilots – in this way the visibility forward and sideward is free of obstacles, greatly increasing the safety of flight.

There are three functional areas on the full IFR panel, the upper back-up/annunciator area, the PFD/MFD area and the communication stack. The avionics are gathered around a Garmin G500 series PFD/MFD synthetic vision screen and the new state of the art Garmin GTN series touch-screen Flight Management Systems. The ease of use and reliability of Garmin avionics is second to none, but the cockpit environment of the Panthera further enhances the experience. The GTN 750 and 635 dual COM/NAV feature full touch screen controls, which maximise screen size and allow for simplified navigation and graphical flight planning. Draw a path on the navigation screen with your finger and Panthera’s full featured autopilot can follow it. It’s magic! In addition, the fully integrated modular cockpit provides all terrain, traffic and weather alerts (in areas where applicable). Transponder and 3D audio-panel are integrated and courtesy of the Garmin GTN 750.
在整个IFR面板上有三个功能区域,上部备份/指示灯区、PFD/MFD区域和通信区。航空电子设备集合在Garmin G500系列的PFD/MFD综合屏显与最新的Garmin GTN系列触摸屏飞行管理系统之中。Garmin航空电子设备的易用性和可靠性是首屈一指的,但Panthera的航电更进一步。GTN 750和635双导航加全屏触摸控制,大尺寸屏幕加简易图形导航。允许你用手指在导航屏幕上画一条路径,Panthera的全功能自动驾驶仪便可以跟随它。此外,完全集成的模块化驾驶舱提供了全地形警告、交通预警和天气预报(紧在适用的地区)。Garmin GTN 750还集成了应答机和3D 语音面板。

Materials and technology
Each detail of Panthera’s graceful lines has been thoroughly aerodynamically optimized using customized, state of the art computational fluid dynamics software, resulting in a smooth and clean shape. The specially designed wing airfoils are optimized for cruise efficiency and therefore speed, while at the same time ensuring high maximum lift and docile stall characteristics. Its instantly recognizable T-tail ensures low interference drag and helps improve spin characteristics by preventing the horizontal stabilizer from shadowing the rudder at high angles of attack.

Realizing Panthera’s aerodynamic shape while still ensuring maximum safety and keeping the weight low would be impossible without the use of advanced next-gen materials. The majority of the structure of the aircraft is made from carbon-fibre composites, with antistatic materials and Kevlar used in areas where it matters. The retractable trailing-link undercarriage is built from titanium, giving it superior strength and energy absorption properties at minimum system weight. All actuation systems on the aircraft are fully electric, avoiding the need for complex and heavy hydraulics.
Panthera is your personal high performance bubble of safety! As part of the rich serial equipment, Panthera features a full-airframe parachute rescue system, which was specially developed so it can be deployed at both low- and high speeds as well as low altitudes.

The cabin has been engineered as a safety cell/roll bar with built-in energy absorption zones, providing superior safety to the occupants in the event of an accident. The seats and safety belts are engineered to latest +26G CS/FAR-23 certification standards. Immediately noticeable is the incredible view from the cockpit. By having just one central pillar, the pilot’s view forward and sideward is virtually unobstructed, thus greatly improving the safety of flight. The ergonomic cockpit comes with special annunciation panels, improving situational awareness when it comes to different audio and visual alarms (terrain, stall, overspeed, engine issues, etc.).
机舱被设计成一个具有内置能量吸收区域的安全空间,在事故发生时为乘客提供最大的安全保障。座椅和安全带的设计依据最新的+26G CS/FAR-23认证标准。坐在驾驶舱里能够看到美不胜收的景色。由于只有一个中心支柱,飞行员前方和侧方的视野基本上是畅通无阻,从而大大提高飞行的安全性。人机工程学驾驶舱配有特殊的报警器面板,可通过不同的听觉和视觉警报(如地形、失速、超速、发动机问题等)来提高飞行员空间感知能力。

Panthera’s performance also contributes to safety – the lightweight structure, powered by powerful engines means that you will reach safe speeds and altitudes much quicker than usual, reducing time spent in the »critical zones«. Special attention has been paid to realise the aerodynamic shape, which gives Panthera excellent handling at low speeds and superior stall/post-stall characteristics. Also important are tailored solutions to simplify maintenance, thus reducing the probability of mistakes occurring during the check-ups.

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